THE STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS Was established by the year 1970 by Mr. Govind Patel. His name is one of the famous names from Diesel Engine Industry. Company Directors - Mr. Shailesh Patel and Mr. Kamlesh Patel, through their personal interests and hard work STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS is getting ahead up to the top. STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS have global customers spread over 18+ countries.

Let’s take a look at various departments of STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS:

The STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS is located at the industrial area of Rajkot which is a prime location and is spread over 40,000 meters wide land.

1. Foundry Section:

All the parts used in various engines are manufactured – casted here. Each and every pieces used in different engines are made here, by the company itself.
Every part is classified here, or we can say casted as per the grade. So we can maintain the quality of engines.

2. Machine Shop Section

All parts of engines – came from the Foundry Section are worked on through special purpose machines. With such process, accuracy can be maintained for each smallest part.
In machine shop, several sub sections viz. Body Section, Fly Wheel Section, Block Section and Head Section are there and in all these sections, machining is done.
Additionally, Seat Metal Section is one of the parts, in which various shaped parts such as boxed shape are manufactured which are used for special purpose such as Fuel Tank etc. for various pumps.

3. Laboratory Inspection Section

Being an ISI and ISO registered company, all of the parts are checked here as per ISI and ISO standards.
Engineers from various departments do the job of checking the hardness of all parts.
In Wheel – Crank Shaft Balancing unit, wheel and crank are balanced on CNC machines.
So, like this we are checking accuracy of all the parts, whether it is a huge part or it is a tiny part

4. Assemble Section

In this section, all the parts of an engine are gathered and by assembling all parts a Machine/ Product are finally got ready.
Products such as 5 – 25 HP (Horse Power) Lister Engine, 5 – 25 HP Pitter type engine, 4 – 8 Comet type engine, 4- 8 Light Weight Engine – which is India’s First innovative engine.
All the engines manufactured here are checked on Dynamometer and Blackrock test. Through such tests various engine’s RPM, Fuel, Load etc. are tested.
Through Generator Testing Unit, 2.5 KV – 25 KV Generator sets are checked.

5. Sub Mersible Pump Set Division

In this section various 0.5 – 30 HP Sub Mercible Pump as well as Open Well Pump sets are assembled.
Moreover, Sub Mersible pumps are checked in computerized panel, through which electricity consumption, water flow, RPM and Volts are checked.

6. Color and Packaging Section

Each of the engines is ready now, to be colored. Here all the engines are quoted 4 times and then are packed.
Through all the above details, you got the detailed description of:
STANDARD Brand Light Weight,
STANDARD Brand Diesel Engine Products,
STANDARD Brand Sub Mersible Products,
STANDARD Brand Generator Sets Etc.
And at last, manufactured products are ready to be loaded by company through truck or shipment.

At Last:

Each of you is warmly welcome to personally visit to our company and know about our products and their quality control check.

Thank You.